Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More pictures

Gelato time! Ok, just kidding, they didn't buy any :)

At Alessandra's house, she is about to read her mission call.

The Fantastic Four :)
With Alessandra

With Alessandra's family at Christmas
Cookies and card made by Sorella Battezzato for the Anziani

Cookies delivered :)

Ricotta and chocolate chip tart made by Sorella Margheriti

District Conference Dinner: The Anziani made curry with meat and rice, sorella Margheriti made stuffed focaccia

District Conference
Calling home for Christmas

Playing games with the Garcia Family

Christmas Eve with the Garcia Family

At the train station

With Alessandra and the Garcia sisters at Piazza del Popolo

With Alessandra

Conducting the choir in Piazza del Popolo

The Fantastic Four Again!

With the single adults and the youth in Roma 5

Those never ending lines at the Post Office...
The angels at the Zone Conference

The missionary "family": Anziano Puff is sorella Battezzato's dad, Sorella Margherti is her mom, Anziano Zito ( right) is the dad of the sister with crutches and sorella Vickers is her mom (the mom is the first companion of a sorella  and the dad her first district leader)

With sorella Valencia and her "mom" Sorella Cano.

Tracting in the evening

Talking to people
At an Asian buffet

The English class

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